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The 'In Love' and 'Our of Love' Poetry books came back from the printers today. That was exciting!


They looked great. Hoping for fantastic Valentines Day sales. So if anyone wants to buy something for their beloved, or their not beloved get one of these. Only £2. Send Leaf a cheque, or wait with eager anticipation for the new web site to go up next week. Or maybe the week after.


Short Poetry Competition


Leaf are looking for short poems (16 lines or fewer) on any theme. £2.50 per entry: cheques made payable to Leaf Books. The closing date for this competition is July 31st 2006. All selected poems will be featured in a Leaf Book. The overall winner will receive £200.


And then there was blog...


Dear peoples,

Just to be letting you know, anyone who from this point onwards does not specify their free book or books when entering competitions online will not be contacted to discover which book they would actually like. They'll be sent a random one picked by ourselves. This is not because we wish to be mean and undemocratic but more because it makes things sadly confusing when we have to wait for people to get back to us with their selections, and then we forget who's been sent what and when and it's all a bit unhappy. So we're quite sorry about that.

Matt smells massively of Lockets.