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Look at me, posting away.


Today was tremendously exciting. The Western Mail (a charming and delightful publication) did a one-page spread (can you call it spread if it's only on one page?) about Leaf Books, and pretty dashed comprehensive it was too. So we bought all the copies in the neighbourhood and stroked them and sent them to people. Then, in the afternoon, a bright young chap from the BBC came along to interview Ceci for Radio Wales. 'Good Morning, Wales', to be precise, to be broadcast tomorrow morning at some dire morning hour. We were obliged to hastily summon one of our beloved and much prized authors, Michele Toler, who was brave and dutiful and answered lots of questions. And then, because evidently things weren't quite as absurd as they possibly could've been, another person rang from the BBC and arranged a second, live interview, with one of our eminent directors (Ceci again, who's good at microphones) and a second magnificent author, Shelagh Middlehurst. Also for tomorrow morning. It's all too much.


Today South Wales, tomorrow the world.


Today, right, is incomprehensibly, ridiculously, obscenely busy. Not that it isn't usually, but today is extra-more-so.


And Barrie wanted a mention. So here's her mention.


Thought it'd be prudent to actually show off the book stands that we get very silly about. And must also say a thanks to John for his brilliant family of rulers which have today been launching elasticated rubber at my colleagues. I'm the child you see.



Also: next series of book arrives today. This is good.


Also also: New website still making everyone cry but will be up "any moment," according to Ceci who is sat rather comfortably with an enormous pile of invoices and a clever stamping machine that puts our address all over everyone's letters/wrists/cheeks.


Also also also: There are no satsumas in the building.


Today is a very busy day in the Leaf office. As I write only two people are in, running through submissions/writing emails/writing stuff for the new website/filling in stands for retailers.


"It's great," says Sam with an enormous grin.


We've also got the proofs for our second set of books arriving today, which is lovely. No doubt we'll then spend the rest of the day playing Twister over enormous sheets of laminate paper that'll furnish the entirety of the office carpet.


In other news, Matt just drank some Fanta that had been left on the side for a while. Sam thinks this Fanta was poisoned and that Matt might therefore fall over and die shortly. (He's also convinced that North Korea is after him.) It could've been Gav's though. "Sorry Gav, he says. "I only had a sip."


But what's most important is the remainder of the Christmas cake in the cupboard and who exactly will eat it.


It's a bit like a party on your screen. Your web browser will love it too. You could even marry it if it wasn't merely a collection of boxes with writing in them. And if you you really want, you could kiss it. But I wouldn't.


So yes, a link to the new Leaf Books forum has been added to the links section OVER THERE >>

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